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2013 PPOC -Alberta Portrait Photographer of the Year

I have received the honour of being named Alberta Portrait Photographer of the year 2013. All four of my entries were finalists in their catagories with two receiving the major awards. The bridal portrait of Melanie, taken at their wedding in Las Vegas. won top wedding portrait. A figure study I entered ( not shown ) won top figure study. A portrait of my friend Ray Fowler captured his character perfectly. Lastly a portrait of my granddaughter Rylan entitled " Ry's Journey" that is extra close to my heart. It is common to have more positive space in front of your subject than negative space behind. But in Ry's case I wanted to depict how she is making such great progress and well on her way on her journey. Rylan has a diagnosis of Autism, but it in no way defines her. She teaches me things every day and I see a very bright future for her. Something that I'm very proud of in winning this award is not only that it is the fifth time that I have won this award but it is the fact that I have won the award at least once in each of the last four decades, 80's, 90's, 2000's and now 2010's. My goal now is to keep trying to do great photography and look at winning again in the 2020's if not sooner. I LOVE MY JOB !!!








I had a great session with Brittian. It poured rain part of the time but I think we ended up with a great set of photographs. Special thanks to my friend Ray for letting us photograph at his super cool acreage.


Pete and Tabitha celebrate baby number two.

I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Pete and Tabitha first for their wedding photographs and then when each of their little ones came along.








Kelly's Zed Card

I had the wonderful job of photographing Kelly for a modeling portfolio. She is absolutely gorgeous so my work wasn't too difficult. This is the images for her Zed Card.





Finalist for Alberta Portrait photographer of the Year.

Last year I had the honour of being named Alberta Portrait photographer of the Year last year and have just heard that I am a finalist again this year. It's very exciting.