Franklin Photographs Portraits

Alyssa's Graduation Photographs

All the best to you Alyssa, I had a great time taking your grad photographs. I hope you enjoy them !!!


New Family

Dennis and Jennifer and their new bundle of joy !




" Alberta Portrait Photographer of the Year " for 2008.

I am very excited to have  received the honor of being named , Alberta Portrait Photographer of the Year for 2008. Of the four images entered in competition, three recieved merits, two received best in class trophies and one received a judges choice designation. 

The image that recieved the Top Wedding Portrait Award was photographed in the Leduc city hall and was titled " Art Nouveau Bride " another image that won Best in Class was a figure study of a female competitive  body builder titled " Power Lines "

I have now been honored with the title four times and been the recipient of the Alberta Photographer of the Year award at least once in each of the last three decades,  it was an awesome feeling to have my work  recognized by my peers in this way.




I had a blast photographing Samantha. What a natural beauty she has which goes great with her  incredible personality. 

We actually did the shoot over two sessions with two different makeup artists because I became violently ill during the first shoot due to a bad reaction to medication I had taken after a minor surgery on my hand. This proved fotunate for Sam as she recieved two quite different looks from two wonderful make-up artists, Pamela Barker and Michelle Grad.

The first headshot was make-up by Michelle Grad and further down the second headshot with the yellow background was done by Pamela Barker.



Art in one of it's many varied forms.